Saturday, December 26, 2015

that awkard moment when you realized you've only posted on your blog once this entire year.

2015 has been deep.
i self-edit a lot.
each time I think that I'm going to sit down and type something for ya'll (me) it never happens. this blog is a testament to that. also, i've been squandering a lot of my good content on twitter and facebook. so i have a billion published tweets with no published blog posts. gonna stop doing that fasho fasho.

so for 2016 ya'll have this to look forward to:
1) A book/blog series/vlog series/idk on how not to date by someone who is good at failing in the dating world.
2) An e-book on how to get your stuff together and say no to other stuff that's distracting you from doing the stuff you're supposed to be doing.
3) My youtube channel.
4) Observations, opinions, and otherness.
5) More dancing.
6) More Feliciaing.
7) Fitness videos/wellness tips, only if you want them.

Be great.


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