Thursday, April 10, 2014

Queen School

I've been sharing my story with a few people ... About my decision to be intentionally single until God tells me different. No dating. No dinner. No movies. No late night phone calls. No texting after hours. I've deleted and blocked a few numbers from my phone. Not because "I'm done with men!", or the falsified idea that there is a "lack of eligible bachelors". I'm single because of growing up and maturity that needs to happen on MY END. I know that if someone walks into my life I want to be an ASSET to them, not a deficiency.

So right now I'm in what I like to think of as "Queen School". I am educating myself on what a Queen is - what she looks like, how she dresses, how she behaves, how she treats her husband and her family, how she raises her kids, how she handles her finances, all while maintaining her health, beauty and sanity. I'm PRUNING AND PREENING in order to mold myself into the QUEEN that a KING would be honored to have at his side. Sure, being single sucks ... But so does a pointless relationship. Yeah, I said it.

Some people think this is a bold choice. A bold decision. But the truth is, I know what I want and I know who I need to be and sacrifices have been made. Singleness is a time of reflection, self-discovery, empowerment and most importantly, healing. A time to really get to know yourself and LOVE YOURSELF. 

#QueenSchool #PruningAndPreening

*Please note that I said PRUNING ... Which means to remove the dead, useless, stuff. PREENING ... Cleaning, making attractive. MOLDING ... give shape to. THE QUEEN IS ALREADY IN ME, she just has to be revealed. She must be uncovered. She must be unhidden. I'm not adding anything to myself, queenship is innate within me. She is just waiting to be activated!